• Children, teenagers and adults who present with mood disorders
  • Management of loss and grief
  • Adjustment
  • Overcoming adversity and resolving life’s challenges


  • Relationship / Couples Therapy

Individuals and couples

  • Development of effective parenting skills
  • Management of children during separation or divorce
  • Support for parents of children with learning / concentration / developmental problems
  • Support for parents with severely delayed or terminally ill children
  • Adjustment
  • Management of relationships
  • Overcoming adversity and resolving life’s challenges

Guidelines for a first consultation regarding a child / teenager

When parents seek assistance for a child aged 12 and below

  • Parents come alone for the first consultation. Once the nature and extent of the problem has been discussed, a decision will be made as to how to include the child in therapy.
  • The child cannot be accommodated in the waiting room during a first consultation as there is no adult to supervise the child.
  • Should the parents have no option but to bring the child along, they also need to bring an adult who can supervise the child during the interview with the parents.

When parents seek assistance for a teenager aged 13 and older

  • The parents need to discuss the appointment with the teenager beforehand and explain why they want to him / her to seek help.
  • The teenager has to give consent. No teenager will be seen against their will.
  • Should the teenager not consent to therapy, Dr Costandius is available to assist the parents in managing the problem.
  • The teenager is entitled to complete confidentiality. Dr Costandius will communicate with the parent only if (1) the teenager gives consent or (2) the situation is considered an emergency, namely if the teenager threatens self-harm, harming others, destroying property or engaging in criminal activity.