Dr Anthony Constandius

Dr Costandius was appointed as Assistant Superintendent of Education at the Cape Town Education Support Centre.

In 1996 Dr Costandius founded the Promed Child and Family Unit, Durbanville. He has since been practicing there as a Counselling Psychologist.

Dr Costandius deals mainly with individual adult, teenage or child issues – typically Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Mood Disorder, adjustment and loss. He also offers support and guidance to parents of children with learning difficulties, developmental delays or chronic / terminal illness. He also offers couples therapy.

Dr Costandius is a FAMAC trained mediator – specifically assisting couples who, in the process of separation and divorce, require guidance with regard to the management of their children. He also assists in developing strategies for reuniting children with estranged parents.

In Dr Costandius partnered with the TORO Tennis Academy. He has assisted a number of tennis players in improving the mental side of their game.

In 2018 Dr Costandius relocated his practice to his home on the corner of Hibiscus Way 36 and Tristan Street, Durbanville.